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Virtual assistance to medical and behavioral health issues.


Online Counseling

You can consult with our providers after getting an appointment.


Medical Assistance

Our providers will instruct you the right medication.

Services We Provide

Complete Psychiatric Evaluation

After a complete psychiatric evaluation, patient will receive treatment and recommends that are personalized to their specific needs and situations. We treat the following conditions:


Alcohol Use

Anxiety Treatment

Bipolar Disorder

Depression Therapy

Marital and Premarital

Insurance Partners

We accepts cards from major insurance companies and also self payment by the patients. You can browse through our insurance check tool to take a look at all the insurance companies accepted at ICM.

Why Choose Us

Patient are happy for proper mental cure support.

Get quality care from quality experts.

Why to choose us?

We offer high quality, convenient and confidential medical consultations, over the internet.

We’re Certified Providers.

Rewards & Awards

Counseling Award

We secured awards for our excellent services.

Excellent Services

We are a team of certified  providers.

The Best Choice

Get treatment anytime, anywhere from the world.

Expert Consultation

If you have no ime to see a Doctor,we are here for you.